Student Travel Release Form

Per CISD School Board policy, FMG (Local), athletes will be required to ride to and from an athletic event in transportation provided by the District. Only in extenuating circumstances will a student be allowed to ride to or from in a private vehicle. Students will only be released to a parent/guardian or an adult designated by the parent. The District shall not be liable for any injuries that occur to students riding in vehicles that are not provided by the school.

Parents/guardian may request a release for extenuating circumstances by notifying the campus athletic coordinator in writing at least one day prior to the trip. A release form may be submitted online, obtained from the campus athletic coordinator, or the Athletic Office (817)949-8300. If approved, the Athletic Office will notify the coach in charge of the trip.
  • Release

    The Student/Athlete named above has my permission to leave the sport of (mentioned above) and return with the said individual. The Carroll Independent School District and coaching staff is hereby released from any liability or all claims which may arise after said student departs location of such activity.